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Professional mobile applications on smartphones and tablets are a hot topic. Today's devices are the perfect vectors of efficient distributed work, ubiquitous access to information and real-time reporting from the field. When it comes to enterprise communications, you want to make sure that your system will cope with mobile usage, in terms of reliability, security and scalability. Tillit Technologies provides backend and frontend products designed to address the specific needs of these infrastructures.

We love what we do & we are looking forward to working with you!


We want to help you with software development and consultancy on the different aspects of field communication:

  • Real-time communications — we know all about instant messaging, video conferencing, Telepresence and secure information exchange: pick your platform.
  • Virtual collaboration spaces — we help you capture and persist the context, so that you can share the content.
  • Backend integration with external systems — don't let closed and legacy systems limit your latest ideas: protocols and reverse engineering are what you need for your integration.
  • Large scale infrastructures — you know you want fault-tolerant distributed workers scaling up (and down) in the clouds.
  • Technology expertise — we combine years of experience on a set of incredible technologies: XMPP (Messaging, Presence, Jingle, Jingle Nodes, PubSub, BOSH) and its open source server implementations (ejabberd, tigase, prosody), we are fluent in Erlang/OTP, GStreamer (Element development, pipeline optimization), Clutter (UI toolkit development), Vala, and of course Android (smartphone, tablets and TV) and iOS (iPhone, iPad).
  • Johann Prieur
    Tillit Technologies
  • Ole André Vadla Ravnås
    Director of Engineering
    Tillit Technologies
  • Ali Sabil
    Tillit Technologies

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